Aberdeen, MD, the Home to Beautiful Parks

On top of the many fun things to see and do in Aberdeen, beautiful parks are also here, offering people the space to relax, picnic, and do other fun activities. The list of parks in Aberdeen can be endless, but these two are the most iconic. Learn more here.

Festival Park

Next to Aberdeen City Hall and city departments like the police and public library, Festival Park is an attractive town green for Aberdeen. Edged by a tree-shaded path, the park has an expansive oval-shaped grassy space for outdoor events, with a large stage/pavilion at the southeastern end. Aberdeen’s 9/11 memorial is close to the pavilion, with a piece of steel recovered from the World Trade Center. On the north side, there’s a series of tree-shaded picnic tables and the park’s two children’s playgrounds. Learn more about Visit the Fun-Filled Museums in Aberdeen, MD.

Susquehanna State Park

A large patch of the lower Susquehanna River Valley is preserved as a Maryland State Park, no more than 15 minutes from Aberdeen. Susquehanna State Park is on more than 2,750 acres, over rugged terrain littered with rocky outcroppings, under deep hardwood forest. This is an exciting place for active recreation, with some of the best mountain biking terrains in the state, hiking trails (15 miles), and fishing and boating on the riverbank.

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