Commercial Refrigeration Services For Your Business

Are you in need of a repair for your refrigeration equipment, including Freezer, Cooler, or Ice Machine? We are here to help you!

You own a business that requires you to use some sort of refrigeration system, and that is why you have landed on this particular page of our website. You may own a restaurant, carry out, convenience store, grocery store, medical facility, etc. Whatever it is, CK Mechanical is able to provide you top notch commercial refrigeration services.


We can handle all the repairs, maintenance, and even installation of all your refrigeration systems that will suit your needs and your budget. Our highly trained technicians are more than capable of getting the job done efficiently and correctly the first time. This is part of your business, and quality refrigeration is a must to keep your everyday tasks flowing smoothly. Don’t hesitate to call your local refrigeration experts today.

Some of our Commercial Refrigeration Product Line

walk-in refrigerator-freezer

Walk-in-Refrigerators and Freezers

Walk-in Cooler and a Walk-in Freezer is vital to your business. Every restaurant, fast food chain, healthcare facility, school, just about any business with a commercial kitchen has a Walk-in Refrigerator and/or Freezer where they store all their refrigerated or frozen foods. Walk-in equipment must maintain a specific temperature range for food safety and eliminate spoilage. Food stored at optimal temperatures meets specific health department and local code requirements.

reach in cooler refrigerator

Reach-In-Coolers and Freezers

Reach-in Cooler and Reach-in Freezer operates in a way where it can sustain constant temperatures even though the doors get repeatedly opened. This makes them ideal for storing products that need to be readily available. Reach-in Cooler and Freezers are available in a variety of sizes and usually have adjustable shelves. Reach-in units are very simple to add to your kitchen as long as there is a proper power source and enough floor space.

commercial ice machine unit

Commercial Ice Machines and Ice Makers

Just about any type of food service business you find, has an ice machine of some kind. Since there are so many different configurations and styles available, it’s important to understand which type is best for your particular needs and best suited for your space. Commercial ice machines generally fall into four basic types: modular or ice machine head, under-counter ice machines, countertop ice dispensers/makers, and combination ice/water machines.

commercial chef's counter unit

Chef's Counters

From cooler drawers to under the counter reach-ins, a chef’s counter can become one of the most important parts of the kitchen when preparing and plating food. The chef’s counter is basically the work station of the food establishment. The amount of your space will determine the size of the counter you can install. The types of food you serve will also determine what kind of counter you need.

sandwich and salad prep table

Sandwich / Salad Prep Tables

Salad prep tables and sandwich prep tables are basically one and the same. Often referred to as sandwich/salad prep tables they serve both purposes well. Making a salad or a sandwich to order requires similar preparation space. Prep tables also provide refrigerated holding space for whatever ingredients the staff needs to make their sandwiches or salads. In addition a cutting board prep surface is attached on which those ingredients can be assembled.

floral cooler unit

Floral Coolers

The proper use of floral coolers will keep cut flowers and floral arrangements looking fresh and vibrant, and help maintain their appearance longer. Floral coolers are a type of glass door merchandise display so customers, as well as workers, can easily see what flowers are in their inventory. You will find floral coolers in most florists, super markets, drug stores, and other retail locations where flowers are sold.

We service all Major Brands of commercial refrigeration equipment, This is just a small sample of some of the brands we service below.


We Are The Right Choice For All Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs

CK Mechanical is ready to make you another satisfied customer. No matter if it’s a repair, install, or just simple maintenance, we are able to handle all your commercial refrigeration needs in a professional and timely manner. Our experienced technicians know the ins and outs of the refrigeration sector and will have your business equipment running at peak performance before you know it. 


We deal with a wide range of products and therefore are the one and only source you need if you have a food service business. From walk in refrigerators and freezers, to sandwich and salad prep tables, we can have your kitchen in top operating status in no time. From the sale to the final install, we will provide everything you need from beginning to end.  

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