Walk-In Freezer Repair and Maintenance Services

If your Walk-in Freezer has seen better days, it may be time to look at your options and decide on repairing it or replacing it!

Your Walk-in Freezer is an important piece to your business. It keeps all your frozen food inventory fresh and ready for when you need it. Depending on how often you get food delivery, will most likely determine how much use your walk-in freezer gets. If you are in and out of it quite frequently, you can start to see problems arising sooner rather than later. Some of these problems may be minor, but some may be a little more serious. You know how important it is to have a well-functioning walk-in freezer.


You cannot afford to let a malfunctioning freezer side line your business for even a day. The right care and maintenance are vital for your walk-in freezer, and can help to prevent serious problems from occurring. However, at times something could happen which requires a major repair. It’s essential to act quickly, or the problem could get worse.


CK Mechanical is just a quick phone call away from solving your problem and, repairing your walk-in freezer. We provide a full range of commercial refrigeration repairs, maintenance, and installation services any time, day or night, when you most need someone to do the job. So don’t hesitate any longer if you need a repair for your commercial freezer.


A Scheduled Walk-In Freezer Maintenance Plan Can Help Limit Major Issues From Occurring Down The Road

A regular maintenance plan can help to limit many major problems from ever occurring. It can curb you from having to deal with major repairs down the road, and will also help your walk-in freezer to function at peak performance. The last thing you need is for something to happen to your walk-in freezer and cause you to lose a lot of your frozen food inventory. In addition, it could hinder the operation of your business.


There are many problems that could cause your freezer to lose its temperature and make food spoil and go bad. Something like this is less likely to happen if you have a regular maintenance plan in place. It can help to keep repairs at a minimum. CK Mechanical can provide maintenance and keep your freezer operating for a long time to come.

Walk-in Freezer Installation Can Be The Solution You've Been Looking For

What reasons could there be to need a complete install of a brand new walk-in freezer? First off, the freezer you currently have is not functioning properly it has reached a point where it needs to be replaced. You’ve come to the realization that repairs are occurring too often and costing you too much money. Therefore, it’s logical to replace it now.


Secondly, you may need to get a bigger freezer because you are having to store more frozen inventory. Your business is growing and more people are patronizing your business. You may also need to add an additional walk-in but you would need the space to do so.


And lastly, if you’re opening a brand new business or opening an additional new location for an existing business, you may need to have a new walk-in freezer installed. No matter what the reason for needing a brand new walk-in installation, we can certainly take on the task and handle everything for you. Our well experienced technicians are more than able and ready to install a new walk-in freezer for you. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment.

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