Walk-In Refrigerator and Cooler Repair Service

If your Walk-in Refrigerator or Cooler is in need of repair, Call the Experts at CK Mechanical

Your Walk-in Refrigerator and Walk-in Cooler are a vital part of your food business. They provide storage for a large portion of your food and drink inventory. Sometimes it can be thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory that needs to be stored safely and at specific temperatures. You understand just how crucial a well-functioning walk-in refrigerator or cooler really is.


You cannot afford to let your inventory go to waste because of a malfunctioning refrigerator or cooler. Proper care and maintenance are essential for your walk-in units, however at times, something could happen which requires a repair. If you don’t schedule an appointment quickly the problem could get worse.


CK Mechanical is just a phone call away from solving your problem and repairing your walk-in refrigerator or walk-in cooler. We deliver a full range of commercial refrigeration repairs, maintenance, and installation services any time, day or night, when you most need someone to do the job. Our goal is to provide first class service to keep your food business operating smoothly whether you need a repair for an existing system or a full installation.

Walk-In Refrigerator and Cooler Repair

Regular Walk-in Refrigerator & Walk-in Cooler Maintenance Can Prevent Many Problems From Occurring Down the Road

A regular maintenance plan can help to reduce many major problems from ever occurring. It can cut down on repairs in the future and will help your walk-in refrigerator or cooler function at peak performance. The last thing you need is for something to happen to one of your walk-in units and cause you to lose a lot of your food inventory. In addition, it could hinder the operations of your facility.


There are many problems that could arise causing the walk-in units to lose its cooling function and cause food to spoil and go bad. We can diagnose those problems quickly and repair the issue. However, if regular maintenance is done these issues can be kept at a minimum. CK Mechanical will handle all the maintenance of your walk-in units and keep them functioning as they should.

Walk-in Refrigerator and Cooler Installation May Be The Only Answer

There could be several reasons, both good and bad, why you would need a complete install of a brand new walk-in refrigerator or cooler. First off, if your older unit is beyond the point of repairing, then the obvious solution would be to get a brand new unit installed.


Another reason would be to simply replace the current walk-in you have because your business is growing, and you need a larger one to replace it. On the contrary, your current walk-in may be perfectly fine, but you want to add an additional cooler, and you have enough space to do so.


One additional reason for a brand new install is opening a brand new business, or opening a brand new location of an existing chain establishment. Regardless of the reason for needing a brand new walk-in installation, we can certainly take on the task and handle everything from beginning to end with no problem. Our technicians are well experienced in all areas of Walk-in installations, and we’d be more than happy to work with you.

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