Sandwich & Salad Prep Table Repair and Service

Sandwich and salad prep tables that are well maintained use less energy and last longer. Why not call the Professional team at CK Mechanical for your maintenance?

If you own a food service establishment, refrigerated food prep tables such as commercial sandwich and salad units are essential to your business. These units greatly increase the speed of your kitchen operations, by offering storage and prep space for ingredients and assembly.


Refrigerated cabinets located below the table store additional ingredients. These cooling cabinets keep everything in arm’s reach, so preparing foods can be done efficiently. The refrigerated cabinets also keep food fresh and protect against bacterial growth and food borne illness.


Should your sandwich prep table or salad prep table start experiencing problems, it could put a halt to your everyday operations and cause major problems for your food service business.


With regular maintenance you can decrease the chances of having major repairs, but sometimes, they can’t be avoided. Therefore, you’ll need to call on a professional commercial refrigeration service like CK Mechanical to handle the repairs for you.

Sandwich & Salad Prep Table Repair

Common Problems We See With Sandwich/Salad Prep Tables

If you notice any of these things happening be sure to call the professional commercial refrigeration experts at CK Mechanical for repairs or general maintenance. Your problem could be solved with one simple phone call.

  • The compressor doesn’t work
  • Optimal temperatures are not being sustained
  • Condensation in box
  • Coil icing up
  • Doors not closing properly
  • Product is freezing

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