Quality Rooftop AC Unit Repair and Maintenance Services in Aberdeen and the Baltimore Metro Region

Don't spend another minute dealing with a malfunctioning Rooftop AC Unit when the folks at CK Mechanical can have you back feeling comfortable in no time.

You know how important it is to have the temperature just right for your business and all your employees. If your rooftop AC unit is malfunctioning, it can lead to an uncomfortable work environment. Our Rooftop AC Unit Repair Service will get you back to feeling cool and comfortable in no time.

However, there is no reason to experience something like this when you can have your rooftop HVAC unit repaired rather quickly by our team of professional techs. If the work environment gets too hot it can lead to unhappy and irritable employees. CK Mechanical will help you keep that from happening.

Our technicians are licensed experts experienced in a variety of rooftop air conditioning services. We have all the knowledge and experience to do a full range of rooftop AC repairs. If your unit is beyond repair then we can certainly do a full replacement as well. If you have never had a rooftop HVAC unit then we can also do a brand new install. If you need regular maintenance, we can take care of that for you as well. 

rooftop ac unit repair Aberdeen

Avoid rooftop ac unit repairs with regular maintenance and prolong the life of your system

During our rooftop unit (RTU) repair process, we give expert suggestions that are best for your rooftop HVAC systems. We expertly diagnose any issues that could cause major damage to your rooftop HVAC units in the upcoming future. If your (RTU) HVAC system needs any kind of services, then we will also suggest them to you so that your rooftop HVAC system will work to its full capacity for many years to come.


Preventative maintenance and regular service can help you avoid serious problems and major repairs on your rooftop unit in the future. Whether your rooftop AC units have dirty filters, low refrigerant, clogged lines, incorrect pressure, worn belts, or any other issue our regular maintenance service will take care of these issues and more.


Once your (RTU) HVAC unit is running more efficiently you will see savings in the cost to run the unit. In addition to efficiency, there will be a reduction in the overall energy that will be consumed. Our extensive maintenance services will help your (RTU) HVAC AC Unit to consume 15% to 25% less energy. 

Common Issues we encounter regarding Rooftop HVAC Units

Here are some problems we see quite frequently that can easily be solved with a regularly scheduled maintenance program.


  • Dirty coils
  • Thermostat problems
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Worn or loose fan belts
  • Dirty/clogged air filters
  • Worn contactors

Reasons and Advantages of having a rooftop HVAC Unit for your commercial building

Though there are many reasons and advantages to having an (RTU) rooftop HVAC unit, here are some of the more practical reasons.

  • High energy performance: Rooftop units have precise temperature controls and reduced energy use. This can help keep costs down while running an efficient system.

  • Air quality advantages: With more ventilation options, helping you keep clean, fresh air in your place of business is a huge advantage.

  • Simpler maintenance: Rooftop systems are easy to access for regular maintenance or repair work. In addition, there will be fewer interruptions inside your commercial building caused by an HVAC tech or team of techs when your unit needs to have work done.

  • Security: Systems located on top of roofs will surely decrease any costly damage or vandalism from happening. It also keeps thieves from trying to steal parts and re-sell them.

  • Space saving: With the entire system being on the roof, you save indoor space that could otherwise be taken up by a large standard heating or cooling system. It also frees up space from a typical outdoor central air type system.

Why CK Mechanical is the right choice for all your Rooftop HVAC unit needs!

Our experienced technicians know the ins and outs of working with Rooftop AC units and we can have yours working efficiently and running at peak performance before you know it. We are a well-equipped company with years of experience and long stay employees. Our techs have been part of the CK Mechanical team for many years.


You can rest assured that we are only sending highly qualified and experienced technicians to your business. We are a close-knit team that has been providing top-notch service to satisfied customers for over a decade. Contact us today for more information you may need.

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